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Help Give The Van a New Home for Christmas

Back in 2011 when The Van was born, it started in a garage and soon moved to a storage unit.  It didn't take long for community support to increase to the point of needing a warehouse and a general headquarters for The Van and The One, Inc. as a whole.  7 years of renting a warehouse later and we have yet again found our work stifled by the limitations of not owning our facility.  We have a great rental price on a large space, but we are constantly up against roof leaks, mold, an unsatisfactory septic system, and an inability to increase services because we can't spend your dollars on a building we don't own.  

We believe it is time for us to make a responsible purchase so that we can do the best we can with our donors' dollars.  We want to invest that money, not pay rent.  We want to increase our capacity to provide showers and laundry, not have to keep saying no.  We want to focus our time on people experiencing homelessness, not trying to find another bucket to catch rainwater.  We want to be able to improvise and adapt in a space that we own and have the freedom to do so.  So we're asking for your help.  

We have identified a warehouse in a location that is suitable for the mobile nature of our work, at a price we can afford.  The sale price for the building on almost 2.5 acres is only $210,000!!  You can barely buy a house for that price!  We are starting with $15,000 saved in the bank,  and need to raise an additional $35,000 to cover the downpayment plus a little plumbing.  This is very doable!  Shoot, what if we raised the money to pay cash for it?  Two years ago y'all helped us raise over $30,000 for a new van in JUST 14 days.  We can do this!  We have about 3 weeks to do it this time.  Can you help us buy The Van it's own home for Christmas?!  

Even if you can only give $5, please believe that it truly all adds up.  Thank you all so much for always stepping up and meeting the needs.  Let's do it up, friends of The Van! 

Donations are tax deductible with receipts going out in January.  If you are uncomfortable giving online, you can mail a check to us at the address below.  Just be sure to put "New HQ" in the memo.  

The One, Inc. 
PO Box 250061
Little Rock, AR 72225 

Thank you everyone!  

- The Van Team

We have raised $28,620.00 of our goal.
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